At O’Brien Mapping, we pride ourselves on being Ireland’s foremost experts on property boundary related issues. O’Brien Mapping has vast experience in academic research and vast experience in the practical nature of the issues and problems of Property Boundary Issues and Legal Mapping entail.

O’Brien Mapping have built a strong reputation within the Industry for proving a highly diligent and professional service in property boundary definition and resolving any Legal Mapping issues. Currently O’Brien Mapping are the Legal Mapping consultants and Property Boundary experts to Goffs Country and the head Surveyors for the Metro Dublin project.

First Registration is when a property or part of a property needs a new ‘Title’. Am accurate survey is required for the land/property and this needs to be submitted and endorsed by the PRAi to be registered.

From our research over 1/3 of landowners in Ireland have an issue on their property boundaries. At O’Brien Mapping we have encountered numbers different disputes and no matter how complicated or different you may think your issues is, we are here to assist you.

Below is an example of a mapping discrepancy between the boundaries located on the ground from a boundary survey and the boundaries contained in the Land Registry folios. These issues happen on a frequent basis and don’t be surprised if when you check your property boundaries in the PRAi, they are similar to this!

Our accurate surveying methodology will pick up any discrepancies between the actual survey and the PRAi map.

We are Ireland leading experts on property boundary issues and are extensively trained in research and thorough examinations of Title Deeds/Folios/Map. Research and Examination of Title/Deeds/Map are conducted on a daily basis. Their research and examination of Title Deeds/Folios/Maps in the past have provided the basis for better resolution for the statutory bodies to inform and communicate the Irish boundary system to general public though the Irish Institute of Surveyors and the Inter-Professional Task Force on Property Boundaries

‘Declaration of Identity’ is a letter prepared by a suitably qualified professional that certifies that all of the services to a property are located within the site boundary of the property. Services include septic tank/waste water treatment system, services, the dwelling, ancillary works and a private supply water well

In acquiring land, boundary issues may arise. O’Brien Mapping have the Land Law knowledge and vast experience in dealing with Landowners on a daily basis if there is an issue on a property boundary, Adverse Possession, Right of Ways issues, and Encroachment issues, to name a few. For circumstances such as a boundary dispute, O’Brien Mapping have devised a Boundary Agreement document for Landowners to agree upon is and when a boundary issue arises.