Preliminary Boundary Research

Desk Study to acquire mapping and imagery of the property from; Property Registration Authority Ireland, Ordenance Survey Ireland, Aerial and satellite imagery from various sources (Google Earth, Bing maps, etc).

The desk study checks the correspondence of the property boundaries to try to identify if there are any glaring issues which warrant further scrutiny. If any issues are noticed, then copies of these additional maps are also acquired and examined.

A brief report will be issued outlining the conclusions of this preliminary examination.

Perambulation of Boundaries

After completion of the preliminary research the boundaries are walked on site, preferably with the property owner to identify the boundary features on the ground and any issues relating to them. A photographic survey of each boundary is also conducted. A report will be issued outlining:

This report is normally suitable for Declarations of Identity where no boundary issues are discovered.

Ground Truth Survey

A Ground Truth Survey (GTS) of the property boundaries is conducted in accordance with the standard recommended by the Irish Institution of Surveyors. This GTS includes the preliminary research and perambulation of boundaries already outlined, as well as a highly accurate survey of the boundaries. This GTS will use GPS to establish accurate survey points on the new ITM coordinate reference frame, and then survey the boundary features, buildings and site access from these points. A map analysis will then be carried out between this GTS and the PRA and OSi maps and a discrepancy map highlighting any issues will be prepared. Finally, a detailed report will be supplied outlining the process, accuracy and results achieved. This report is suitable for presentation of evidence in court.