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At O’Brien Mapping, we strive for perfection. To enable us deliver this, we have the highest qualifications available to inform our preferred approach, our choice of appropriate standards, and achieving the high quality of services we provide.

We strive to differentiate OBPA services from the full range of surveying and mapping services other companies provide who attempt to be experts at everything. We will focus solely on a niche market supplying Boundary Surveying and Legal Mapping only and we focus solely on our client’s needs, we do not take short cuts, and our approach is to be the experts for legal mapping in Ireland.

striving for perfection

Our extensive research to date informs us that approximately one third of Irish landowners have a property boundary issue, and legal mapping issues are growing day by day in Ireland. Many of these boundary and mapping issues eventually arise as disputes over boundaries, adverse possession, rights of way, encroachment, etc. Boundary disputes over large or small areas of land can destroy friendships and adversely affect relations between neighbours, can pass from generation to generation and can also sour community relations. Old methods of land measurement, and inaccurate mapping are at the heart of the problem. These problems can be resolved, but it normally takes far longer than originally anticipated.

OBPA intend to address this information deficiency by utilising modern surveying methods and creating clear legal mapping to an accuracy which cannot be challenged. Landowners need to ask themselves “do I have marketable Title for my property?” Any unresolved legal mapping issues can significantly delay a property sale, so why wait to find out the problem later? Ask the question now and resolve any issues identified when you have the time to do so.

If you would like to know more about the range of mapping issues causing concern in Ireland, please visit our publication section.

Dr. Daragh O’Brien


Dr. O’Brien has a PhD in Land Law from the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and has vast experience with regard to quantifying the incidence and identifying the different types of land issues and disputes occurring in Ireland. These include Boundary Disputes, Adverse Possession, Right of Ways, Encroachments, Land Registration issues and other areas of Land Law. As well as representing DIT on an International scale with his research, he has published in papers and journals including, “To Gauge an Understanding of How Boundaries are Perceived in Ireland by Landowners”, “Proposed Guidebook on Established Case Law for Land Surveyors on Property Boundaries and Why Property Boundary Disputes are Increasing in Ireland?”, Dr. O’Brien’s main interest is in Irish property Law, Legal mapping and the current property boundary problem in Ireland. Dr. O’Brien is a Chartered Surveyor from the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. In addition Dr. O’Brien has a qualification form Harvard Business School in Entrepreneurship Essentials.



Our Services


This technology has already seen us work as a trusted partners such as, Real Estate Agencies, Insurance companies, the Hospitality sector, Architectural firms, Retail and Government Agency’s throughout Ireland on Commercial Properties and Residential properties.


A visual walk through demonstration of how it works really showcases the quality, interactivity, value and impact of the service that we are bringing to the market and would also allow us to discuss in more detail the potential opportunities that exist. Floor plans can be give in square feet and or square metres.


O’Brien Mapping have built a strong reputation within the Industry for proving a highly diligent and professional service in property boundary definition and resolving any Legal Mapping issues. 


After completion of the preliminary research the boundaries are walked on site, preferably with the property owner to identify the boundary features on the ground and any issues relating to them.